Museum “Filip” in village Krklino near Bitola

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Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip”

Auto and Ethno Museum ” Filip” is a private museum located in village Krklino, just 5 km from Bitola.

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With a collection of objects which in quality and quantity exceeds many state museums, Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip” is a location you can’t miss during your visit in Bitola.

The museum contains a large collection of antique cars including Simka Ariane from 1953, Opel Olimpija, Ford Taunus, Pezo404, Plimut Valijant, Moskvic, Opel Olimpija, Fiko, Folsvagen Buba, Citroen, twenty four motorbikes six decades old in a great condition such as BMW, DKW, NSU, MAKS etc.

Ethno section of the museum contains a rich collection of objects, carefully arranged in several authentic rooms, such urban, village, Jewish and Turkish, as well as a collection of old costumes, instruments, weapons, household items and so on.

Auto and Ethno Museum ” Filip” is a result of long and dedicated hard work of Boris Tanevski and his family.

Recently, toward the development of rural tourism in village Krklino, the museum is enriched with another activity, ie visitors can spend the night in an authentic room, as well they can taste a number of Macedonian specialties prepared in a traditional way.