Bukovo village near Bitola

Bukovo village is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Bitola at an altitude of 770 m a.s.l.

There are two rivers passing through Bukovo village: Stara Reka (“Old River”) and Kindarka.

The impressive architecture in village Bukovo is a testimony of its glorious past, that is, some of the houses are built in the same style as the houses on the main street in Bitola – Shirok Sokak.

Bukovo village near Bitola


Architecture in Bukovo village, Bitola Municipality

It is assumed that the population in this village has settled from the villages in the surrounding area, and according to some authors, part of the population in Bukovo came from the ancient city Heraclea.

Especially attractive in the vicinity of village Bukovo is the monastery “Holy Transfiguration”, which is one of the favorite picnic locations for the inhabitants of Bukovo and Bitola.


Bukovo village near Bitola

Bukovo village is widely known for the red pepper produced here, known as “Bukovec” whose name is derived from the name of the village.

Churches and monasteries in Bukovo village

In the village of Bukovo and its surroundings in the 19th and early 20th century, a number of Christian temples were restored and erected.

The church dedicated to St. Dimitrij was built at the end of the XIX century and is the main village church. The building is a three-nave basilica with a bell tower on the west side.
What is particularly interesting about this temple is the rich collection of icons placed in the upper gallery.

The church dedicated to St. Mary is located in the southeastern part of Bukovo village, on a hill from which a wonderful panorama opens to the village. In the yard of this church is located part of the village cemetery, and at the entrance of the temple stands the text:

“Memorial chapel for those killed in the 1914-1918 war. The temple is erected by the population in Bukovo in 1927 “

The monastery St. Archangel and St. Spas (Holy Salvation) is located on the western side of Bukovo village, next to the road leading to the village Oreovo. The monastery is placed in a thick beech wood forest and is a great place for rest and relaxation during the summer months.

The church dedicated to St. Nikola (St. Nicholas) is a large three-nave church located in the southern part of village Bukovo. In the yard of this church are located the village cemeteries.