St. Demetrius (St. Dimitrij) Church in Bitola

The church St. Demetrius (St. Dimitrij, Macedonian – Св. Димитрија, Св. Димитриј) in Bitola was built in 1830, replacing the former old burnt chapel from 1726.

Built with special permission by the Turkish authorities, the church was supposed to be a modest and nondescript building, lower than the surrounding mosques. Therefore, it was dug into the ground and was built in just four months with donations from Bitola Christians.

St. Demetrius (St. Dimitrij) Church in Bitola

The interior of the church is richly played with fascinating galleries on the second floor, a carved throne, iconostasis, and a pulpit.

The Iconostasis originates from the middle of the XIX century and was made in shallow carving, later cast and gilded.

The belfry originates from 1936 and was the work of Alexander Deroko (Александар Дероко).

Today the church St. Demetrius is the central church in Bitola, and it hosts the largest number of weddings, christenings and is the central place for all major Christian holidays.