Clock Tower in Prilep

The Clock tower in Prilep is a monument of culture built in the period 1825/1826 year by Said Aga (Саид-ага).

The tower is 40 m high and with the cone, the tip reaches 55 m. It was built by the famous mason from Prilep, Pero Lauc (Перо Лауц) and later renovated in 1836/37 and 1896/97.

Clock Tower in Prilep

In the lower part, on the opposite side of the entrance, there is a fountain. Above the front door is an inscription in Arabic script, saying:

” The striking of the clock is not always marking time. For the life and the time that passes, the clock grieves and says … ” Oh … ” “

Because the tilting of the tower in October 2012, works were started for its stabilization.