Interesting Facts About Macedonia

Macedonia is unique in many ways. There are many interesting facts about Macedonia that are worth reading and sharing with your closest ones.

Interesting facts about Macedonia

Here are some of those unique and distinctive interesting facts about Macedonia:

Fact No. 1 – Kokino in Macedonia is the fourth oldest astronomical observatory in the world

Kokino (Кокино) is the fourth oldest astronomical observatory in the world. It is a complex prehistoric archaeological site (2000 BC), on the territory of Municipality Staro Nagorichane near Kumanovo.

Kokino, Macedonia

Fact No. 2 – Ohrid Lake – the oldest natural lake in Europe

Ohrid Lake is the largest and most important natural lake in Macedonia and probably the most important biological stagnant water ecosystem in Europe. The maximum depth of the lake is 287.5 m. Ohrid Lake is among the oldest lakes in the world and its estimated to be more than 4 million years old.

Ohrid Lake - the oldest natural lake in Europe

Fact No.3 – Ohrid – city with 365 churches

It is believed that in Ohrid region, the most famous tourist destination in Macedonia, there are 365 churches, ie. one for each day of the year. Because of this, the Ohrid city is also known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans.

St. John Kaneo church in Ohrid

Fact No. 4  – Skopje – Macedonia capital city is the birthplace of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa or St. Teresa of Calcutta (Skopje, August 26, 1910 – Calcutta, India, September 5, 1997) was a well-known Catholic nun, winner of Nobel Prize for Peace and a Saint in the Catholic world.

Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu (Гонџа Агнес Бојаџиу) was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje.


Fact No. 5 – Vrelo Cave in Matka Canyon near Skopje – one of the deepest underwater caves in the World.

With a depth of 230 meters discovered so far, Vrelo cave is the deepest underwater cave in the Balkans and the second deepest in Europe. With its final depth still to be discovered, Vrelo Cave is considered to be one of the deepest underwater caves in the world.


Fact No.6 – The Cyrillic alphabet originates from Macedonia

The Cyrillic alphabet is a writing system used by more than 250 million people in the World. The writing system dates back to the 9th century AD, when Saints Cyril and Methodius produced the Glagolitic alphabet, on the basis of which later the Cyrillic alphabet was developed and named in honor of Saint Cyril.

The disciples of Saints Cyril and Methodius continued to teach the Glagolitic alphabet at the monasteries in Ohrid, from where it later spread to other Slavic countries.