Makedonium – Ilinden Monument in Krusevo

The monument Ilinden (Илинден) also known as Makedonium (Македониум, Macedonium)  is a famous monumental complex in Krusevo city.

The monument was first presented on 2 August 1974, on the day of the celebration of the thirty first anniversary of the first session of ASNOM and 71 years from the Ilinden Uprising.

The Monument Makedonium is work of the artists Jordan and Iskra Grabuloski. It represents the chronology of the events related to the Ilinden Uprising.

Makedonium – Ilinden Monument in Krusevo

It spans an area of 12 hectares. The memorial begins with torn chains, followed with Crypt, and continues with picturesque landscape mosaic scene or commonly known as the amphitheater, and finally ends with the Dome.

The Dome is located at 1320 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view on all four sides. From here can be seen the city of Krusevo, the monuments “Meckin Kamen” (Мечкин Камен, transl. Bear Stone), “Sliva” (Слива, transl. Plum) and the 33-meter cross near the Monastery St. Preobrazenie (Св. Преображение, Holy Transfiguration).

The interior of the dome impresses with the beautiful reliefs,  stained glass and the eternal flame. Here in the dome is the tomb of Nikola Karev (Никола Карев) and bust of Tose Proeski (Тоше Проески).

Makedonium - Ilinden Monument in Krusevo

The Makedonium is historical and aesthetic monument that marks the fight, insubordination and aspiration of the Macedonian people to create free and independent state.