Mečkin Kamen (Мечкин Камен) Monument near Krusevo

The monument Meckin Kamen (Мечкин Камен, “Bear Stone”) is located in the eponymous locality near the town Krusevo.

It is in a form of a rebel with a huge stone over his head, in the last desperate moment in defense of Krusevo city. On this place, during the Ilinden Uprise the legendary detachment leader “vojvoda” Pitu Guli, together with his soldiers, gave their lives in defense of Krusevo.

Meckin Kamen Monument in Krusevo

The soldiers of the detachment held the Ottoman army and “bashibuzuk” for hours and after a fierce battle, 45 insurgents were killed, along with Pitu Guli. Ottoman losses were also big.

After the breakthrough of “Meckin Kamen” the Ottoman army on August 13, 1903 entered in Krusevo, during which the city was shelled, burned and looted, with major loses among the population.