Old Bazaar in Prilep (Стара чаршија во Прилеп)

The city of Prilep has many landmarks that one can be proud of. One of those landmarks is the Old Bazaar.

The Bazaar in Prilep has evolved since the creation of the city, but previously the Bazaar was called Prilep market, and on that market, people traded with various goods and food products.

Itar Pejo Monument in Prilep

Also, great importance in the Prilep market had shops from which villagers bought supplies for long periods of time like food and other necessary items.

The Old Bazaar in Prilep represents an urban complex, which has its biggest rise in the second half of XVIII century and early XIX century when the city of Prilep was widespread trade and craft town.

Pece Atanasovski Monument in Prilep

In the second half of XIX, after a series of fires that struck the old bazaar in 1854, 1866, and 1873 economic and trading power of the old bazaar declined.

Today’s look the old bazaar got in the second half of XIX century.

With the development of technology, some parts in the old bazaar in Prilep changed or modernized, and only some of the old trades still exist.