Park of the Revolution and Mound of Undefeated – Prilep city

The Park of the Revolution (Парк на Револуцијата) is located on the southern side of the city of Prilep.

Built in 1961 in honor of the fallen soldiers for the Liberation of Macedonia, the author of the project was the architect Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Park of the revolution in Prilep

As part of the Park, is the common grave – crypt, known as the “Mound of Undefeated” (Могила на непобедените) which was declared as a monument of culture in 1989.

On the marble slabs are engraved the names of fallen soldiers from Prilep and surrounding areas in the period between 1941-1944 year. In front of the crypt, there are eight marble urns symbolizing the formation of partisan units and major military formations, and the largest urn symbolizes the eternal flame, which represents the disobedience of the Macedonian people.

World War II Monument - The Park of the Revolution in Prilep city

In the period between 2007-2008 the complex was completely revitalized.

As part of this monumental complex is the “Alley of national heroes” (Алеја на народните херои) in which on marble pedestals are placed bronze busts of ten dead national heroes from Prilep:

  • Kire Gavriloski – Jane (Кире Гаврилоски – Јане) (1918-1944)
  • Ile Igeski – Tzvetan (Иле Игески – Цветан) (1920-1944)
  • Orde Copela (Орде Чопела) (1912-1942)
  • Borka Taleski (Борка Талески) (1921-1942)
  • Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu (Кузман Јосифоски – Питу) (1915-1944)
  • Mirche Acev (Мирче Ацев) (1915-1943)
  • Borka Veleski – Levata (Борка Велески – Левата) (1912-1942)
  • Rampo Levkata (Рампо Левката)  (1909-1942)
  • Lazo Filiposki – Lavski (Лазо Филипоски – Лавски) (1918-1942)
  • Krume Volnaroski (Круме Волнароски) (1909-1944)

Alley of national heroes - Prilep, Macedonia