Peshna Cave, Makedonski Brod

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Peshna is a cave about 7.5 km away from Makedonski Brod. It has an entrance with a height of about 40 meters, which allows the sun’s rays to fill the interior walls, so the visitors can move freely through the interior. It is 56 meters wide and 124 meters long.

According to the legend, King Marko (Marko Krale) built a house for his sister Peshna at the entrance of the cave, and so it still carries her name today. On the entrance of the cave, remnants of an old object and a water mill can be seen.

From the inner part during the winter springs water that completely dries in the summer.

Peshna Cave, Makedonski Brod

How to get to Peshna Cave

After the exclusion from the regional road R1106, on the left you will see a path that you can use if you like walking up to the cave. The path is well arranged, it is about 900 meters in length and passes through the small monastery of St. Archangel Michael.

You can also use the other road by continuing with the car up to the houses, from where there is about 400 meters walk to the cave. The trails are well arranged, but inside the cave can be slippery so it is recommended to wear appropriate shoes.