Plaošnik, Ohrid – Saint Pantelejmon church

Plaošnik (Plaoshnik) is an archeological complex in the heart of Ohrid city and one of the most sacred places in Macedonia.

According to the archaeological findings, this space has been inhabited since the late Bronze Age and throughout the late medieval period.

In ancient times in this area was the city of Lychnidos, and there were several temples on Plaošnik, including the temple dedicated to the God Dionis.

Plaoshnik and St. Clement's Church - Saint Pantelejmon

In the 4th and 5th centuries, Lychnidos was the Episcopal center of the Macedonian-Roman province New Epirus, and on the ruins of the old pagan temples new early Christian basilicas were built.

The central figure connected to Plaošnikto is St. Clement, a Slavic episcope who at the end of the 9th century rebuilt the old church.

Plaošnik, Ohrid - Saint Pantelejmon church

St. Clement led the Ohrid Literary School, and it is considered that he founded the first Slavic University in Europe, dating back to the 10th century.

Plaošnik, Ohrid - Saint Pantelejmon church

Today’s church in the center of Plaošnik is, in fact, the restored Clement’s church (St. Pantelejmon). The renewal of the church was made on the foundations of the old church from the 9th century, and the same original materials were used.

The remains of St. Clement have been transferred to this church.

In the surrounding, the restoration of St. Clement University is in progress.

Plaošnik, Ohrid - Saint Pantelejmon church

Today, Plaošnik is one of the most visited tourist sites in Ohrid.