Prilep (Прилеп) city, Macedonia

Prilep (Прилеп) is a city in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia with 69,704 inhabitants (2002). Its located in the northeast Pelagonia plain, on Prilepska River, near Mukos and Dren Mountains, at an altitude between 620 and 680 m.

Prilep covers an area of 1,540 ha. has a moderate continental climate with an average annual air temperature of 11.2 ° C (52,16 F), and an average annual precipitation amount of 556 mm.

Holy Annunciation (Свето Благовештение) – church in Prilep
Holy Annunciation (Свето Благовештение) church


Through Prilep passes the highway M-5 and the rail line linking the city to the south with Bitola and Veles, Skopje to the east.

Presumably, Prilep was created on the place of former settlement “Ceramie”, which was located in the Varos area, on the important communication road between Heraclea and Stobi.

Varoš (Варош) neighborhood in Prilep

Prilep into a new urban settlement was formed with the migration of Slavs in Macedonia. The Slavs gave the city its present name, “Prilep”, which in translation means “Glued” – to the side of the mountain.

Varoš (Варош) neighborhood in Prilep
King Marko Monument


At the time of Tsar Samuel, the city is mentioned as a specified place and its capital. At the beginning of the XI century is recorded under the name of Prilep.

Itar Pejo Monument in Prilep
Itar Pejo Monument in old bazaar in Prilep


In the Middle Ages, Prilep appears as an important trade center and capital city of King Volkasin and his son King Marko (Krale Marko).

During the Ottoman conquest, the city of Prilep surrendered without a fight, and the Turks as new authorities settled in the plain part.

In the XIX century, Prilep is known for the great festival that lasted 25 days, the city had 2,800 houses, 1,100 shops, 26 inns, and 10 mosques.

At the time of the Balkan wars in Prilep lived 22,000 inhabitants.

Old Bazaar Prilep
Old Bazaar in Prilep with the Clock Tower in background


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On October 11, 1941 in Prilep was organized the uprising against the fascist occupation. In memory of eight thousand soldiers and 15 national heroes of the Second World War, in 1956 Prilep was named “Prilep – City Hero”.

After liberation, the population grew rapidly and today Prilep is the fourth largest city in the Republic of Macedonia.

The majority of the population, 64,756 residents are Macedonians, Roma minority (4.379), Serbs (162) Turks (123).

The city of Prilep is the administrative center of the Municipality of Prilep, which covers an area of 119,444 ha, with 59 settlements and a total of 76,768 inhabitants.

Prilep is known as the city of tobacco. In its environment, high-quality tobacco is produced, known in the world under the name “Prilep”. The first building for storing tobacco in Macedonia was built in Prilep in 1873, and today the city has a large cigarette factory. Also developed are the textile, food, machinery, and metals processing industry.

Besides the high school and secondary vocational schools, Prilep has and Economics faculty, National Museum, Memorial Museum “October 11”, Museum of the Second World War, Tobacco Museum, Historical Archives, Undefeated Hall and others.

Every year in Prilep the International Art Colony and the Theatre Festival “Vojdan Cernodrinski” are held.

From several years ago, Prilep hosts the famous beer festival “Pivo Fest Prilep” (Beer Festival Prilep) which is held every summer in mid-July.

Also, another famous event held in the city of Prilep is the “Procka” carnival.

Preserved cultural and historical monuments and archaeological sites in Prilep and its surroundings are proof that in the past the city was the center of intense life. Prilep is the city of the legendary hero King Marko (Krale Marko).

At the foot of the Citadel is the old city Varos, which saved the churches: “St. Nicholas,“St. Demetrius, “” St. Athanasius, “St. Peter “,” St. Bogorodica Precista (Mary)“, and a little further is the monastery” St. Archangel Michael “XIV c.

St. Demetrius - church in Varoš, Prilep

St. Demetrius church


St. Nicholas church in Varoš, Prilep

St. Nicholas church

Prilep is the hometown Marko Cepenkov, Metodi Andonov – Cento, Metodija Shatorov Sharlo, and in the period of revival, Prilep is related to the educational activity Dimitrij Miladinov, Jordan Dzinot (The Giant), and Gligor Prlichev.

Prilep Facts

Where is Prilep: South Macedonia, Pelagonia Region
Area: 119,444 ha
Elevation: 620 – 680 m (2034 – 2230 ft)
Population: 76,768 (2002 census)
Climate: moderate continental
Dialing code: +389 48
Postal code: 7500
Car plates: PP
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)/ Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day: November 3th
Coordinates: 41°20′N 21°35′E

Municipality of Prilep
Address: Pitu Guli 2, 7500 Prilep
Phone: +38948401701
Fax: +38948426430
e-mail: gradonacalnik.pp@