Resen (Ресен) city, Macedonia

Resen is a city in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia with 8.748 inhabitants (2002). Located on the northern part of the Prespa valley on both sides of Golema Reka (Big River), at an altitude of about 880 m. It covers an area of 402 ha.

Trough Resen passes the highway M-5, which on the west connects Resen with Ohrid, and with Bitola on the east. Resen has a moderate continental climate with an average annual air temperature of 9.6 ° C (49.28 F) and an average amount of rainfall of 717 mm.

The city was developed as a road station on the famous Roman road – Via Egnatia, known Skitriana. First time mentioned in 1337 in a charter of King Dushan. As an urban settlement, Resen is formed during the XIX century.

Today, Resen municipality covers an area of 55,077 ha, with 44 settlements and 16,825 inhabitants. Resen is the administrative and commercial center of the Prespa valley.

The population consists of mostly Macedonians (6.431), with a minority of Turks (1369), Albanians (325), and Roma (169).

Since 1971 every year the traditionally Resen Ceramic Colony is held.

The city has a gymnasium and health center, and the most striking object is Saray, built in the early XX century.

Tatarchevi Memorial House in Resen

Tatarchevi museum in Resen


Resen Facts

Municipality of Resen – information

  • Where is Resen: South West Macedonia
  • Area: 55,077 ha
  • Elevation: 880 m (2887 ft)
  • Population: 16,825
  • Climate: Moderate continental
  • Dialing code: +389 47
  • Postal code: 7310
  • Car plates: OH
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)/ Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
  • Celebration day: September 11th
  • Coordinates: 41.088861,21.011818

Municipality of Resen

  • Address: Marshal Tito Square 20, 7310 Resen
  • Phone: +38947454450
  • Fax: +38947452200