Saints Peter and Paul church in Varosh, Prilep

The church dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul is located in the eastern part of Varosh neighborhood in Prilep. There are no preserved historical data about the time when the church was built and painted.

The church is built in modest size and shape of the nave structure with a pronounced elevation. The apse is semicircular inside and goes up to the cornice of the church.

Built of stone and brick, into the walls of the church are built ancient monuments and ceramic decorations.

On the church were performed renovations, which are best seen on the south wall, which for the most part is restored and the arch.

Saints Peter and Paul church in Varosh, Prilep

The interior of the church is decorated with frescoes in four zones. Today are preserved remains of frescoes on the west and north walls, while barely be discerned traces of frescoes destroyed the southern wall and outside the niche above the west entrance of the church.

Among the compositions which are better preserved are “The Way of the Cross”, “Lamentation” in the northern and “Virgin Dormition” in the western wall.