Serbian military cemetery in Bitola (WW1 Cemetery)

In the Serbian military cemetery in Bitola are collected remains of many deceased soldiers on the Macedonian Front during the First World War.




Serbian military cemeteries are located in the southern part of Bitola as a continuation of the so-called “Bukovski” orthodox cemetery.

Within the cemetery are located metal tombstones with same shape and size as well as a common monument – ossuary, of fallen soldiers from 1912-1918 (Balkan Wars and First World War).


The common – central monument is in the form of a cross. The Ossuary is located below the surface of the monument natural plateau. It houses the remains of many soldiers which have fallen near Bitola on the Macedonian Front.


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The entrance of the ossuary is from the back of the monument.



The building of the memorial ossuary began in 1926, according to the plan of the architect Momir Korunovik.










Location of  Serbian Military Cemetery