Slepče Monastery – St. John the Forerunner near village Slepče, Demir Hisar

Slepče (Slepche) monastery with a church dedicated to St. John the Forerunner is located approximately 3 km west of the village Slepče in Demir Hisar municipality.

Wrapped in a centennial oak forest, Slepce monastery is one of the largest and well-preserved monastic complexes in the Demir Hisar region, erected on the slopes of the “Ilinitsa” (“Bigla Mountain”).

It is assumed that the monastery was built on an old cult place in the 14th century, as a cultural and educational center.

The monastery church dedicated to St. John (Св. Јован Претеча), was built in 1862 on the foundation of a much older church. Based on the preserved inscription, the patron of the church was priest Nikola.

The fresco painting of the church was made in 1889 by the group of the famous artist Kosta Atanasov from Krusevo.

On the east and west sides from the monastery church are located the old lodgings that have recently been fully refurbished and restored in its original authentic and original appearance and form.

Up to the monastery leads asphalted road which is in good condition.

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