St. George Monastery near Paralovo village, Municipality of Novaci

Near the village Paralovo (Паралово) is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Municipality of Novaci – St. George (Св. Ѓорѓи).

In this temple, it is believed that one finger of the hand of St. George is hidden.


During the First World War, Paralovo village was situated on the front line (Macedonian Front) and most of the houses were devastated.

The same fate met the monastery whose quarters were completely destroyed and the church Saint George was badly damaged. The villagers were displaced in village Zhivojno, and after the war, they returned and rebuilt the village and monastery, which today is one of the most beautiful in the Bitola region.

The tomb of Gjorgi Sugarev – Macedonian national hero

Near the monastery is the tomb of the famous Macedonian national hero from the Ilinden period Gjorgi Sugarev (Ѓорѓи Сугарев), who was killed with his regiment in the locality Chukarite, near the Monastery on March 24, 1906.


How to Get there

The monastery dedicated to St. George is located near village Paralovo (~ 24 km from Bitola) in Municipality of Novaci.

At about 19 km from Bitola on the regional road R1311 (Bitola – Novaci – Makovo), at the artificial “Suvodol Lake” (REK Bitola lake) you turn right and drive on the dam (after the ramp which you must lift).

After 5 km on macadam road which is in good condition and is suitable for normal vehicles, you will reach the monastery, located in the forest above the village Paralovo.

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Suvodol Lake

Paralovo village